Products That Work For You

If you are new to website creation and creating online income, then the following products are worth checking out. These are some of the products that I have used to create a website business.

I have purchased many other products but the following products I found to be fairly useful. For your convenience, I have grouped these products under several headings.

Website Hosting

When you create your website, you will need website hosting in order to get your website up and running on the World Wide Web.

There are many website hosting companies. The choices are endless. However, you simply need to choose a website hosting company and get to work uploading your website to the internet.

I could suggest many website hosting companies and each one has it pros and cons. However, I have used both of the following companies without too many problems.

BLUEHOST is one webhosting company that is easy to use and very affordable. Bluehost provides several hosting plans for beginners and professionals.

You can check out Bluehost for yourself and all you need to do then is choose which plan will best suit your website business needs.

Bluehost has several excellent features that will assist you in getting your website up and running without too many hassles.

You can start on a basic plan and move to other options as your website business grows.


WEBCITY is an Australian domain registration and website hosting company.

Webcity is one of the largest providers of web hosting and domain registration with affordable, reliable and generous hosting plans.

Webcity is best for small to medium businesses. If you are just starting out and need a quick website hosting solution, then you need to consider a website hosting plan with Webcity.


Website Graphics

1500 STOCK PHOTOS - Whether you create a static website or a wordpress blog, you will need images to place on your blog pages or web pages.

1500 Stock Photos is a huge collection of professional images for a small fee of $9.95. This deal is too good to refuse.

People often ask me: What are royalty free images? Royalty free means that once a license fee is paid (for the 1500 Stock Images, it is $9.95), the images may be used many times without additional costs, however the initial license is necessary to protect yourself and your clients.

I am constantly using these images in my marketing of my products and websites. In fact, I used one of those images in the graphics for the ad I created for the 1500 Stock Photos.

Don't pay $3 or $4 for one single stock photo! You can purchase all 1500 Stock Photos for less than a burger and fries!

1500 Stock Photos

MARKETING GRAPHICS TOOLKIT - Again, if you are going to do your very own marketing on your website or blog, then you need marketing graphics.

Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4 is the ultimate collection of 30 different graphic tools for your website marketing requirements.

The reality is that you could most probably put this together yourself - but it will take you weeks.

For a low price of $19.95, you have just about everything you need to promote your website and products. Check it out and see for yourself.

Why spend literally hours making your own graphics from scratch when you can get them for less than $20 and simply tweek them to suit your needs.

Marketing Graphics Toolkit V4

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